Notes from the Journal!

21 June 2018

If you lose your patience with your children, it’s important to make up the quarrel.

In recent decades there have been many rapid changes the values and living habits of society. The family has changed...

12 June 2018

Because we love summer: 8 excursions for young and old alike

I would like summer to last all year long, and I know lots of others do too. Whether you spend summer at home or go...

8 June 2018

Are you ready for your class dinner? Here are tips on how to choose the right shoes for your outfit!

School is about to end and summer is just around the corner! It’s time to put away our heavy shoes and take out...

25 May 2018

Let’s Dress for a Party: What to wear? Bon ton or ModernSporty Shoes?

Spring is in full bloom!
Days are warmer! Long, sunny days that put us in such a good mood! All the more reason...

23 May 2018

How can you ensure the best academic performance from your children? All you need is the right attitude and a proper diet!

The school term is about to end: this is the time of the year when kids often need to get ready for a gruelling schedule...

8 May 2018

A lovely surprise!

Have you ever had a “Jack-In-The-Box”?
Kids love them! How they laugh when Jack jumps out of his box!...

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