Notes from the Journal!

25 October 2018

The Flu: how to avoid it and how to treat it

Autumn is here, bringing with it all its glorious colours and falling temperatures, along with the first cases of influenza,...

23 October 2018

Halloween ….now the cat really has left its paw print!

Its not long until Halloween ....Are you excited? We love decorating our house for the whole month of October, especially...

19 October 2018

Dream Big Little One: we catch dreams to drive away nightmares!

Antonio is about to enter the stage known better as the “terrible twos”: the time when our little ones find it...

11 October 2018

International Day of the Girl Child: girls do a lot more than just decide their look.

As from 2012, on 11th October every year, we celebrate the International Day of the Girl Child. The International...

26 September 2018

Kids and sports: choosing the best sport for your kids….when should they start?

In a world where there is less space to play outdoors and children become familiar with modern technology at a really...

25 September 2018

An adventure in the garden: have fun building a campsite

The days are getting shorter again! Brightly coloured leaves fall silently from the branches, and on our windowsills,we...

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