2019 Spring Summer Collection


Melanie Rodriguez

Sunny weather lifts our mood and everything feels and looks better: our smiles, the green grass and sparkling waves of the sea.


We have many more hours of sunshine to enjoy every day, and all we want to do is stay outdoors as long as we can. So let’s run towards summer carefree and light-footed, with new places to discover and new games to play every day.


The new 2019 Spring Summer collection is here with a kaleidoscope of colours that add a very personal touch to shoes, like the graffiti on walls, where creativity means total freedom of expression.

Icons of the summer like palm trees, cactuses and surf boards accompany us in a dimension where every day is a holiday. But there are also unicorns, stars, flowers and hearts, from a magical world, in which to dance.

The buzzword is feeling good: and comfortable with ultra-supple leather such as calfskin, Nappa and laminates with stylish details like original PVC and denim applications (embroidered or ripped) for the most amazing outfits.
It’s time to have fun: and with Naturino … anything goes!

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