25 September 2019

Polka dots have always made people smile, a design that brings happiness, that frees the imagination – and it suits us mums just like it suits our little ones.

It also represents an idea that’s always right and on-trend for when you have to get back to the city and to school, and for those September days when we need to dig deep to find our strength and determination.

This is why today, together with Fiammetta, I am going to show you the perfect outfit to wear with Autumn just around the corner.

Fiammetta, with all the joy and freedom that she needs, is wearing a cheerful and trendy outfit with polka dots.

This outfit, Tu&Io by Naturino, will be ideal for school, for a Sunday at the beach, or for an afternoon around town.

Trousers in brushed fleece with an elasticated drawstring at the waist are made more feminine thanks to the cut and to the polka dots.

To be worn with its matching sweatshirt, always practical and comfortable, but made trendy thanks to the added detail of the cockade.

You will find the same cockade on the headband, that is delicate and not over-the-top and will be perfect for school.

An outfit that will really suit all the little girls, from the romantic ones to the sporty ones who are always on the go.

And for us mums? Don’t worry. You, just like me, can’t resist the famous Mini Me, you just need to rely on Tu&Io by Naturino that has created the same sweatshirt for us as the one made for our little girls.

Same material, same pattern, but with no hood!

I love it and I wear it with a short denim skirt or even with jeans, and when the days get colder, with a pair of wide black trousers and a belt with a longer skirt, maybe in wool.

Fiammetta has completed her outfit with a pair of Naturino shoes that are always the best in comfort. Urban, trendy, fun and perfect even for older girls, these sneakers have a slightly higher sole, silver details and super glamorous lettering.

Until next time.

Simona (Fiammisday)

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