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1 March 2018

Leave it to the Doctor

A doctor, but above all a friend. A person who can give you reliable information, but above all a person you can trust. Because as we all know, when you...

26 February 2018

The perfect shoe

Perfection in a shoe means comfort. But what does this mean? The answer is not so obvious, because often people think...

21 December 2017

A place to daydream: the bedroom

Should he sleep in his own bed or the big bed? Sleeping in one’s own space is a big achievement in itself. It is important to realise when the time has...

30 November 2017

Teaching children to become independent

Should we cosset them or let them do things on their own? How much attention do our children really need? When should one say yes or no? There are really...

6 October 2017

The stages of development: separation and independence

The Earth revolves around the Sun, everyone knows that. But few know that planets can only move forwards and revolve. This is a very good metaphor of the...

6 July 2017

Teaching your children to grow up independent: advice from our Paediatrician

Over the last twenty years the family has changed from being a regulatory to an affective family. The regulatory type family experienced parenthood as...

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