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25 February 2019

Let’s make a confetti shooter for the Carnival!

Are you ready? Carnival is just around the corner!
What fun our kids have in their Carnival fancy dress costumes!!...

20 February 2019

True or false? 4 facts about feet.

Parents can help their children’s feet to develop correctly by following simple precautions.


20 November 2018

Junk food: a threat to our children’s health

In industrialized countries about 70% of diseases are directly or indirectly caused by unhealthy eating habits. Food...

25 October 2018

The Flu: how to avoid it and how to treat it

Autumn is here, bringing with it all its glorious colours and falling temperatures, along with the first cases of influenza,...

26 September 2018

Kids and sports: choosing the best sport for your kids….when should they start?

In a world where there is less space to play outdoors and children become familiar with modern technology at a really...

9 August 2018

Caring for the feet of our children: how to ensure proper development.

Now that summer is in full swing, we all feel free to do so many things we don’t do in winter; school is over and...

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