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5 July 2018

And then the time comes when they want to choose their own shoes.

They grow, their tastes change, they follow the latest fashion fads, until the time comes when they want to choose...

8 June 2018

Are you ready for your class dinner? Here are tips on how to choose the right shoes for your outfit!

School is about to end and summer is just around the corner! It’s time to put away our heavy shoes and take out...

25 May 2018

Let’s Dress for a Party: What to wear? Bon ton or ModernSporty Shoes?

Spring is in full bloom!
Days are warmer! Long, sunny days that put us in such a good mood! All the more reason...

24 April 2018

April, it’s not quite summer yet: how to be fashionable and in harmony with the season.

April is an unpredictable month, but it is possible to be fashionable and wish for a little bit of spring anyway,...

21 March 2018

We welcome Spring with new fashion accessories including shoes!

Spring is around the corner and we start to change our wardrobe. Brighter colours, lighter fabrics and fun accessories....

12 January 2018

Naturino and Fiammisday January and Sporty-chic

January is just around the corner. The holidays seem to be a thing of the past already but despite the cold and snow, we still feel like dressing in something...

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