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8 May 2018

A lovely surprise!

Have you ever had a “Jack-In-The-Box”?
Kids love them! How they laugh when Jack jumps out of his box!...

23 April 2018

Reading books to children is good for the mind, and the mood, of both parents and sons.

When I talk with my children about their childhood, now they are grown up and have graduated from university, all three...

3 April 2018

Your puppet theatre!

The imagination of our children knows no bounds!It is magical to watch them as they discover the world around them....

27 March 2018

Glowing ideas for a fluorescent Easter

Easter is always a very special time of the year, that your kids will remember forever! So let’s change everything...

5 February 2018
8 December 2017

How to make children understand the real meaning of Christmas

After I became a Mom and after my son’s first Christmas, I started to wonder how children today really experience this holiday. In an era of uncontrolled...

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