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24 January 2019

Feet and shoes: 6 True and False answers.

Children’s feet have only two motor functions: firstly that of crawling, then walking and running.


19 December 2018

Choosing toys for the right age, while making their wishes come true.

Christmas is just around the corner! For us adults Christmas is filled with meaning, and for children it’s a very...

5 December 2018


Let’s face it, baking biscuits with your kids is part of the festive fun!! Today we want to show you how to turn...

27 November 2018

Our outdoor adventures start now!

When the sun frames a carpet of leaves with its light, and birds are getting ready to migrate to warmer climates...

23 October 2018

Halloween ….now the cat really has left its paw print!

Its not long until Halloween ....Are you excited? We love decorating our house for the whole month of October, especially...

19 October 2018

Dream Big Little One: we catch dreams to drive away nightmares!

Antonio is about to enter the stage known better as the “terrible twos”: the time when our little ones find it...

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