Creativity as an educational tool and to have fun

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23 October 2018

Halloween ….now the cat really has left its paw print!

Its not long until Halloween ....Are you excited? We love decorating our house for the whole month of October, especially...

19 October 2018

Dream Big Little One: we catch dreams to drive away nightmares!

Antonio is about to enter the stage known better as the “terrible twos”: the time when our little ones find it...

25 September 2018

An adventure in the garden: have fun building a campsite

The days are getting shorter again! Brightly coloured leaves fall silently from the branches, and on our windowsills,we...

9 August 2018

Caring for the feet of our children: how to ensure proper development.

Now that summer is in full swing, we all feel free to do so many things we don’t do in winter; school is over and...

19 July 2018

Learning to write on the sand by playing, with the Montessori method

There’s nothing kids love more than playing in the sand. For children it is a creative moment but also something that...

12 June 2018

Because we love summer: 8 excursions for young and old alike

I would like summer to last all year long, and I know lots of others do too. Whether you spend summer at home or go...

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