The 2018 Spring Summer Collection


Melanie Rodriguez



Delphine Brossard

Our collection brings you that feeling of lightness that we long for all year round, because our desire for new things explodes in summer when we unleash our imagination and want to explore!


Contrasts make a bold statement in each and every model of the 2018 Spring Summer collection, with iridescent reflections, brilliant colours and bright shades, unleashing the desire to get out and do things that knocks on your door every summer. Whether you chose sneakers or sandals, or any other shoe model, shapes are soft, light and dynamic, to give you that sense of freedom you long for, above all in summer. What about the materials? The materials are natural, technical and transpiring, to keep your children’s feet cool even on the hottest days.


Get ready for a lively glamorous look that you have never seen before, because there are colours that you have yet to discover.

“There is something magical about every changing season.”


Family Welcome

“How long is forever?” and the White Rabbit replied: “Alice, sometimes just a second.”


Lewis Carroll