Winter Tales

18/19 Autumn Winter Collection


Lucie Cipolla



Irene Barra

Come into the woods. Jump over roots, daydream and follow a lost path in the woods. The game is about to begin: let’s forget the rules and use our imagination. Because if imagination is a dream that we want to tell you about, a world we want to explore, and an adventure to experience, then we are free to experiment. We want to paint tree barks rather than walls, hang shoes rather than paintings, and lie on sheets made of grass! We want to toss Indian wigwams high into the air and bind the tallest trees tightly with ropes.


Let’s live and have fun in the woods, splashing colour everywhere. And if you need a friend to share all this … you have one who loves being outdoors in the sun or rain, taking a walk in town or getting lost in nature: it’s Naturino, who this year is once against bringing you all the latest Autumn/Winter trends. Like the ultra-cute cuddly faux fur that trim the shoes in new Rainsteps line featuring coloured hearts, roses and golden stars. Uppers are decorated with metallic embroidery and street-effect brush strokes, to give an urban touch to sneakers and boots! The natural leathers come from our first steps line, and real woollen linings and soft Shearling keep feet super-warm.


If you love the metallic shades of our platinum, silver and rose ballerina shoes, you are sure to adore the natural colours of our Wildlife line, with colours that go from different shades of taupe to pastel colours! Winter is just around the corner: so put on your shoes and run to meet it.

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