25 February 2019

Are you ready? Carnival is just around the corner!
What fun our kids have in their Carnival fancy dress costumes!!
But what do kids enjoy most? Throwing confetti of course!
So why not have fun on a long winter afternoon making your every own confetti shooter with a toilet-roll tube!

Crafting helps children develop their imagination and is also an opportunity to teach your kids the importance of recycling.

To make your confetti shooter you will need:


  • one toilet-roll tube
  • cardstock in different colours
  • balloons in different colours
  • coloured sellotape or Washi tape
  • glue for paper
  • a punch or a packet of confetti
  • paper-cutting scissors


Follow these very simple steps.

1. Knot a deflated balloon and cut off the top of the balloon as shown by the picture.
2. Secure your balloon half to one of the ends of the toilet-roll tube it with several rounds of sellotape to hold it very firmly!

3. Cut out different sections of the coloured cardstock with the same diameter of the toilet-roll tube.

4. Glue these to the tube with the glue for paper, alternating the sizes and colours



Make your own confetti


Use the scraps of coloured cardstock!
Simply cut out tiny stars or triangles from the cardstock scraps with your scissors or use a punch with different shapes.
Your kids will just love making a mountain of confetti, while you can take break for a quick cup of coffee!

How does your confetti shooter work?


Nothing could be simpler: just load the confetti into your tube, stretch back the balloon and let go!! The spring effect will shoot your confetti from the tube.