23 October 2018

Its not long until Halloween ….Are you excited? We love decorating our house for the whole month of October, especially with pumpkins of all shapes and sizes! One of our favourite ways to personalise them, rather than carving them like we normally do, is to paint them because it allows little ones to get in on the fun.

If your children are too little for carving pumpkins, painting them instead is a great way to get everyone involved this Halloween!

We have created these lovely pumpkins decorated with cats, using thumb prints and then adding some special details. We used real pumpkins but if you want to keep your pumpkin, just follow the steps below using an artificial pumpkin instead.




  • A pumpkin
  • Paint (red, black and yellow)
  • Brushes (of different sizes)
  • A plastic plate
  • A black marker pen





Step 1
First of all make little thumb prints all over the pumpkin creating a polka dot effect. To do this, put some black paint on the plate and use a brush to then paint your thumb. Try it out on the plate a couple of times to see the best shape. Then start to make thumb prints on the pumpkin like you can see in the picture. If you do this with your thumb and let your children do this with their thumb, you’ll have big and small cats!

Step 2
Now use a brush to paint two triangular ears on each thumb print.

Step 3
To make the cats’ faces, paint two yellow dots for bright eyes and a red nose.

Step 4
Lastly, use a marker pen to draw the whiskers on both sides of the cats face.

Don’t forget! If you plan to put your pumpkin outside where it might be sitting in the sun or rain, use an outdoor/waterproof paint or apply a coat of outdoor Mod Podge onto the painted pumpkin. This is the only way to make sure it will be protected for the whole of the winter!

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