11 October 2018

As from 2012, on 11th October every year, we celebrate the International Day of the Girl Child. The International Day of the Girl Child increases awareness of the issues and challenges girls face, promoting emancipation and respect for the rights of girls.
There are about 1.1 billion girls in the world, and 3 of them are mine. Little girls are all about power, creativity, goals and dreams. This obviously also applies to all those girls who live in particularly difficult or crisis areas.

This year on 11th October, the International Day of the Girl Child increases awareness of the issues girls face all over the world and the opportunities they may have one day.

I asked Leonor, one of my daughters, to represent girls on this special day, because she is lively, keen and determined. Leonor is 6 years old and sees no difference between her and the child next door.

We are the same. We are children and can play, sing, learn in exactly the same way.

My little girl has no trouble telling us when she’s not happy about something, and speaks her mind if necessary. She is our future, and there is no doubt that she will hold her own with boys. Leonor takes going to school and choosing what she wants to wear from her wardrobe every day, completely for granted. Unfortunately, so many girls can’t, which why the International Day of the Girl Child is so important!


Today Leonor took a look at her wardrobe and chose her “beautiful and strong girl” outfit, which goes so well with her new shoes … super-sparkling sneakers for little girls who want to make a strong statement right from the word go!

Leonor is ready to conquer the world with her denim overalls and sparkling shoes. In the future, she will be prepared to fight for equal rights, the elimination of child marriages and gender-based violence, if things don’t change quickly.

Strong girls take action. Let’s talk less and do more!

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