IT’S CHRISTMAS! A Look for your little boy

17 December 2013

Christmas is in the air. In our roads, squares and homes, but above all I hope, in our hearts.
This the season when you can really get the most out of life, when you have a chance to spend more time with your children, trying understanding them and what they really want.
Trying to understand too, how they want to dress and what makes them feel comfortable.
That is why I am suggesting this look, which is perfect for Christmas, and will make your little boy feel that he is dressed for the holidays, just like a “little boy” should be, but is also comfortable, practical and elegant.
I started with these beautiful dark brown NATURINO shoes (model 3268), that I feel are must this season, matched to a pair of pants in the same colour (but that would also be great in different shades of brown or blue), with an elegant white shirt (that little boys just love) and a chunky red cardigan with dark brown buttons and braiding to match the shoes.
The cardigan is very elegant with the white shirt but may also be worn with a t-shirt or checked shirt and a pair of jeans for everyday wear.
Add a colourful down jacket (that will look great on your little boy, believe me) to make the outfit more fun.
For a truly Christmas look, choose a red jacket.
A LAST WORD OF ADVICE: To make Christmas even more PERSONAL and SPECIAL, why not make your own Christmas tree decorations with your little boy. He will have so much fun making them, and when he looks at your tree he will remember how much YOU LOVE him, the time SPENT TOGETHER and how you BOND. And if he finds a pair of NATURINO shoes under the tree, his CHRISTMAS will be truly PERFECT.
I’ll be back soon with an outfit for your mountain holidays for your little girl.