Notes from the Journal!

13 August 2018

2018 summer trends in China, Korea and Japan: the perfect way to dress in style when it’s hot and damp

In Shanghai where we live, summer is officially here, bringing with it hot humid weather and the rainy season, which...

9 August 2018

Caring for the feet of our children: how to ensure proper development.

Now that summer is in full swing, we all feel free to do so many things we don’t do in winter; school is over and...

19 July 2018

Learning to write on the sand by playing, with the Montessori method

There’s nothing kids love more than playing in the sand. For children it is a creative moment but also something that...

11 July 2018

Mosquito Bites: Advice fromour Paediatrician.

Summer is here, school holidays have started, days are longer and our kids spend more time outdoors even in the evenings,...

5 July 2018

And then the time comes when they want to choose their own shoes.

They grow, their tastes change, they follow the latest fashion fads, until the time comes when they want to choose...

21 June 2018

If you lose your patience with your children, it’s important to make up the quarrel.

In recent decades there have been many rapid changes the values and living habits of society. The family has changed...

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