Notes from the Journal!

16 January 2019

Winter sales are about to start: tips on how to choose the right shoes!

The sales we mothers have been waiting for are just around the corner now. This is the perfect opportunity to buy...

19 December 2018

Choosing toys for the right age, while making their wishes come true.

Christmas is just around the corner! For us adults Christmas is filled with meaning, and for children it’s a very...

13 December 2018

A retro look for parties that children love.

The Christmas holidays are officially just around the corner, and with them comes the frenzy of buying Christmas...

5 December 2018


Let’s face it, baking biscuits with your kids is part of the festive fun!! Today we want to show you how to turn...

27 November 2018

Our outdoor adventures start now!

When the sun frames a carpet of leaves with its light, and birds are getting ready to migrate to warmer climates...

20 November 2018

Junk food: a threat to our children’s health

In industrialized countries about 70% of diseases are directly or indirectly caused by unhealthy eating habits. Food...

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