Notes from the Journal!

11 November 2019

Playing outdoors in winter is healthy for children!

«I don't feel like taking the kids out today, it’s cold!»"

«They can play indoors rather than...

25 September 2019

Tu & Io Back to school…in polka dots

Polka dots have always made people smile, a design that brings happiness, that frees the imagination - and it suits...

9 May 2019

How to deal with kids without using a reward approach or scolding.

If there is one thing I have learnt about bringing up kids since I became a mother, seven years ago, is that there...

17 April 2019

Sneakers for elegant occasions: now you can

Until recently, wearing elegant clothes went hand in hand with wearing elegant shoes.
Which meant that for...

25 February 2019

Let’s make a confetti shooter for the Carnival!

Are you ready? Carnival is just around the corner!
What fun our kids have in their Carnival fancy dress costumes!!...

20 February 2019

True or false? 4 facts about feet.

Parents can help their children’s feet to develop correctly by following simple precautions.


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