Notes from the Journal!

25 May 2020

Welcome Naturino!

There’s a place that we love, a place where it is easy to feel free, to be immersed in nature and to learn thanks...

25 May 2020

Teaching children to respect the environment

Children will build “the world of tomorrow”.
For this reason I have always thought...

28 April 2020

Reaching out to our communities

Tangible support to the communities of the countries where we are present with production and commercial branches. Naturino...

24 April 2020

Yoga with the children: how to keep moving at home

Quarantine is completely changing our lives, forcing us to reorganise times, rhythms and spaces. There are days that...

11 November 2019

Playing outdoors in winter is healthy for children!

«I don't feel like taking the kids out today, it’s cold!»"

«They can play indoors rather than...

25 September 2019

Tu & Io Back to school…in polka dots

Polka dots have always made people smile, a design that brings happiness, that frees the imagination - and it suits...

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