7 November 2014

Have you thought about participating in the BRAND NEW game where you Mom play a leading role together with NATURINO shoes??

No?? Well let me tell you about it.

Buy the shoes I am presenting today (or any other model in the SNEAKERS range) for a PERFECT start to the WINTER, from our SHOP on LINE or your local store, then use your imagination to create an OUTFIT with clothes your have at home and publish it on FACEBOOK, TWITTER or INSTAGRAM (after following NATURINO and FIAMMISDAY on the social networks) using the tag #MyLookwithNaturinoShoes.

Each month the CUTEST and most ORIGINAL outfit will be published officially and you will receive a 50% DISCOUNT VOUCHER to use in the new shop on line for any model in the NEW NATURINO COLLECTION within one month.


Using the shoe LINE we present each month (one for the boys and one for the girls), on a different theme for lots of different occasions, create your own outfit and publish the photo on Facebook, TWITTER, or INSTAGRAM using the tag #MyLookwithNaturinoShoes, follow NATURINO and FIAMMISDAY and wait for your outfit to be chosen to receive a 50% DISCOUNT VOUCHER to buy the shoes you prefer for your little boy.

We will have so much fun together playing with fashion and Naturino!

Here is the outfit I chose matched to these beautiful NATURINO Kim model SNEAKERS in winter colours, which are not only warm but practical thanks to the Velcro straps. You can buy these shoes on this LINK, or CLICK HERE to buy any other model in the SNEAKERS range.

Ankle sneakers for early cold winter temperatures – Naturino KIM Sneakers

Ankle sneakers for early cold winter temperatures – Naturino KIM Sneakers

A sweater in colours to match the shoes, a pair of blue jeans which can be worn throughout the day and a warm hat is all that you need, because winter is here.

And what about you?? Are you ready?? Create an OUTFIT with a pair of NATURINO shoes and CROSS YOUR FINGERS.

We can’t wait to PUBLISH your PHOTO.

I’ll be back soon with an original look for another special occasion.



Here is a photo of the outfit which won the 50% discount last month. Congratulations to Mom Cristina and her daughter Allegra!

Vincitrice sconto Cocozza