Naturino Organic

Naturino Organic

The all-green First Steps line

Beautiful, comfortable, environmentally-friendly: Naturino Organic makes the First Steps line even greener.
This line of Naturino shoes is made exclusively with natural fabrics like cotton or wool, or leathers that are tanned and coloured with vegetable dyes and are not treated chemically, to accompany your children as naturally as possible on their first adventures.

A special version of the iconic Cocoon is available this season in 5 versions in the collection; all the colours are obtained from flower pigments, berries or fruit: blue is made from indigo; burgundy from the petals of the Pernambuco tree; the yellow is made from the flowers of the Reseda luteola and the red from the flowers of the Rubia Tinctoria.

Naturino cares for the health and well-being of feet and does so in a responsible and sustainable manner. Yet another step towards a more sustainable world.