27 November 2018

When the sun frames a carpet of leaves with its light, and birds are getting ready to migrate to warmer climates in the South while temperatures start to drop, it means that Autumn has arrived. After a beautiful, almost endless summer, with sunny days and warm evenings, the cold is here. For our last outing at the camp site we packed warm caps, heavy jumpers and sturdy shoes.

Especially in the morning, when you can see your breath in the chilly air, it’s quite obvious that summer is fading, even though often during the day there is still enough sunshine to redden the cheeks and noses of our children as they run and play outdoors.

Even when there’s a sharp nip in the air our kids still love to explore their playground where they love to romp, balance themselves and climb. My kids and I actually don’t care what the weather’s like. We go out anyway. What counts for me is that they’re properly dressed and are wearing shoes of the right quality. But they won’t have fun if the shoes, jackets or clothes they are wear pinch and squeeze! Uncomfortable shoes and clothes are irritating and take all the fun out of their “playing projects”. 

Kids must, and indeed all they want to do is, play and let their imagination run free.


Above all when we go camping, my kids want to spend as much time as they can in their playground in the woods or climbing trees.
My kids often play “don’t touch the ground”. It’s a game where the ground of the forest is filled with dangerous animals from which they have to save themselves.
As a rule, that applies to most children, it is important to let older children explore new territories and put themselves to the test. Right now my kids love playing “chase” or just “hanging”. 

For us the rule every day is to put on our warm caps, heavy jumpers, comfyshoes and … we’re ready to go!

What does it matter if after an outing like this, we come home tired but happy from our adventures, with a freezing nose … it’s just excuse to enjoy a cup of hot chocolate that, in true camper style, we often prepare in a pot over bright flame.

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