8 June 2018

School is about to end and summer is just around the corner! It’s time to put away our heavy shoes and take out light sandals and shoes in all shapes and colours. And what better chance to show them off than at your end-of-year class dinner?! Our range has so many different models to choose from, that it’s not always easy to find just what you are looking for.

The first thing to do is choose shoes that are comfortable and match your child’s personality, just like the clothes they wear. It is so important for your kids to wear shoes in which they can run and play, and feel good when they look in the mirror.

My daughters aged 4 and 6 years always know what they want wear … and it’s always something that reflect their personalities! And it’s the same for all children! So why not get them what they really like?

Helping them choose without making them choose what you like, is much easier than you think!

Naturino’s collection of sandals offers a wide range of models to choose from, for any taste, from little girls who love bright colours, or little girls who want a more sporty look even on an important occasions, to the most sophisticated little girls who won’t even look at shoes that don’t have at least one flower or sparkly detail, including her gym shoes!

We wanted a pair of sandals that would be perfect for our class dinner, but that we could also use everyday. And I can assure you that Naturino shoes are perfect, because they are not only totally delightful, but also incredibly comfortable and easy to match.

[vc_column_textGinevra, who has a calmer temperament, loves pastel shades and romantic styles, immediately feel in love with these white leather sandals with sparkling details and tiny flowers that match the flower pattern of the dress she will be wearing. A model that she will undoubtedly be able to wear even with lots of other outfits she has in her closet![/vc_column_text]

Carolina who has a decidedly “wilder” personality and is always ready for a new adventure, choose these more sporty sandals, that are perfect for more casual outfits, but that also go well with a minimal and more elegant dress.

Both models have one thing in common (which is so important for kids who have not yet learnt to tie up their own laces): Velcro strapsthat allow even smaller children to be quite independent, putting their shoes on and taking them off without any help.
Although these two Naturino models are very different, they have an easy-chic style, which is informal enough to go out for a pizza with friends.

If you don’t know which model to choose, take a look at our models and put aside two or three models you want to show your kids. The let your kids choose the sandals that best match their outfit, because if they choose them on their own they will enjoy wearing them even more!

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NATURINO SEE - Leather sandals - Red

NATURINO SEE Leather sandals, Red

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NATURINO 5049 Leather sandals, White