17 April 2019

Until recently, wearing elegant clothes went hand in hand with wearing elegant shoes.
Which meant that for weddings, communions, ceremonies and parties, the only shoes we would buy for our little girls were ballerinas.
Times have changed and, and so have the needs of our little girls.

Fashion, for years, has advocated the great return of sneakers that we women have started wearing with almost anything, from formal three-pieces outfits to long evening dresses.


Fiammetta, for example, wants shoes that are comfortable and, when she can and when I let her, her favourite shoes are always sneakers.

“Sneakers, that are never a reasoned decision, but an impulsive choice from the heart”

And when we went to the wedding of one of our friends, Fiammetta chose a pair of Naturino shoes that she is going to wear again on a thousand other occasions.

These white sneakers with a golden heart on the side, white calfskin uppers and glitter laces are everything she loves in her shoes.

They are super-comfortable shoes as only Naturino knows how to make, and are also perfect for a more elegant outfit.
With this bonton dress in neutral shades, they are feminine, elegant and perfect for any occasion.

Unless your child is the bridesmaid or the party girl, I suggest you choose a pair of sneakers for special occasions, to wear, for example, at Easter that’s just around the corner.

These sneakers by Naturino, that you can buy on the online shop, have those extra details that make them perfect even for a wedding.
The fact that you can then use them again all summer long, makes them totally irresistible.

And until it’s too hot, you can also let her wear them with socks matched to her dress, for a super trendy look.

Last but not least: for special occasions, choose an elegant little dress, have fun with headbands and accessories, and satisfy your little girl with a pair of comfortable and super-trendy sneakers.

I’ll be back soon.

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