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A stroll in the world

Falc was founded over forty years ago in a workshop in Civitanova Alta, but very quickly became a global reference in the footwear industry.


Besides our constant commitment to research and development, our focus on fashion and the latest trends, brings you shoes that dress the whole family in style.


Our one and only goal is to improve your well-being through our products.


Falcotto is a line designed especially for babies who are starting to crawl and taking their first steps; our focus is on the technical aspects of the shoes in this line but also on the latest fashion trends; shoes are soft and flexible, perfect to support each and every step your baby takes.


The new Voile Blanche collection tells of an endless journey to discover details and materials with sneakers that become a lesson in style. The collection is inspired by people and respects their styles and attitudes, with a single goal: the continuous search of sartorial quality.


W6YZ mixes and matches materials and contrasting colours, reinterpreting the latest fashion trends for sneakers in an original key for men, women and juniors. Energy, movement and colour expressed in a single icon: the spark, a symbol of inspiration and distinction.


Flower MOUNTAIN is inspired by the cycles of nature. A brand born from the creativity of the Japanese designer KEISUKE OTA, who constantly pursues a comfortable relaxing lifestyle; this is a truly beautiful line of shoes for men and women.

candice cooper

Candice Cooper was established in Berlin in 2006, making a statement right from the start with its unique style. The brand quickly became an iconic label with numerous loyal customers. Over time Candice Cooper remained faithful to its original identity, with strong ties to the Italian atmosphere identified by the cicada logo, a symbol of life and of hot Mediterranean summers.