5 July 2018

They grow, their tastes change, they follow the latest fashion fads, until the time comes when they want to choose what to wear. And it comes so quickly we don’t even realise it.


Growing up your boys


I’m sure that when he’s older he’ll be a little like me! A little because we share so much together, and a little because the young man I’m growing up and that I see changing a little every day, is happy to be exactly what he is.
Ascanio has no prejudices; he knows how to express his emotions, because no one has ever taught him that certain things are for just for girls. There is room for everything in his life, provided it is for the good and respects others.


Then suddenly you realise he has become independent!


It happens almost unexpectedly, or simply because we parents are never really ready for it and find it hard to accept. And yet, it is precisely in the name of this intellectual freedom, on which we built everything, that they suddenly become independent.

This is when you need to set the boundaries between what you can let him ask for and obtain, and the precise limits he needs to understand to respect the rules.
But this is also the time when we get to know so much more about their inventiveness, ideas and tastes.

It’s a splendid, but not an easy stage, which gives us an inkling of the man he is going to become.


When your kids starting choosing what they want to wear all on their own.


I just cannot choose his clothes and shoes for him anymore! I know that I’m going against the current, but I actually love this stage, because it’s bringing out Ascanio’s character, which is changing all the time. Like his look, which goes through all sorts of stages and is often exactly what his best friend is wearing: shorts, a t-shirt and exactly the same shoes, or almost.
It’s incredible to see how important it is, even for boys, to choose their shoes.
It makes me smile when they wander through the shop looking at the shoes, smiling at each other as they try on shoes and discuss models and colours.

Fortunately, they are boys and are sensible enough to want practical comfortable shoes, above anything else!

Their first concern is playing, even when they choose their outfits. Let me give an example of what I mean? Look at the Naturino shoes they are wearing in these photos. They are perfect for playing combat games but are also… as they say… “cool”.
These little boys, who are growing up together day after day with their sense of beauty, seem to be escapingour control a little! Yet, come to think of it, all this is not too far from what I had in mind for him.

Art, music, trips, the colours of nature and the sensitivity I tried to get across to him, it was all done just for all this!

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