25 May 2020

There’s a place that we love, a place where it is easy to feel free, to be immersed in nature and to learn thanks to contact with animals. Cavalli delle Fonti, a centre of excellence for competitive riding and an equestrian centre and a centre that we’ve been collaborating with for years, where equine therapy and equine re-education and recreational activities improve the well-being of children thanks to interaction with horses.


What unites us with Cavalli delle Fonti is a love for nature and attention to the growth of children, a deep bond that today has a name, four legs and a soft mane: Naturino! He was born on April 4th and he’s full of energy …how can you not fall in love with him!!

We’ll follow Naturino as he grows, from his first steps to the races, we’ll discover how he relates to the older horses, to adults and children who come to the riding school, we’ll experience the joy that contact with nature brings into the life of the little ones.


If you love nature as much as we do, keep following us on social media: we’ll tell you about Naturino as he grows and we’ll soon be showing children the Naturino Farm and its animals!