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For all the friends of nature

Kids who love to explore nature have a green soul!
The shoes in the Wildlife line have vegetable tanned linings and bottoms made of a rubber and cork compound: this natural compound makes your child’s outdoor experience totally unique; whether it’s an adventure in the woods, an excursion in the mountains or a walk about town, Wildlife shoes are the perfect choice.


The anatomical shape of these shoes lets your children run and play in total comfort.

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  • NATURINO SEE - Leather fishernman sandals - Red

    NATURINO SEE Leather fishernman sandals, Red

    8 colors
  • NATURINO SKY - Leather sandals - Light blue

    NATURINO SKY Leather sandals, Light blue

    5 colors
  • NATURINO SUN - Leather sandals - Pink

    NATURINO SUN Leather sandals, Pink

    2 colors
  • NATURINO BAIA - Leather ballerina shoes - Blue

    NATURINO BAIA Leather ballerina shoes, Blue

    1 color

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