16 January 2019

The sales we mothers have been waiting for are just around the corner now. This is the perfect opportunity to buy high-quality clothing and shoes for our children at lower prices, spending a reasonable amount.
When buying clothes for our kids it’s always a good idea to buy clothes they can “grow into” for the year ahead, but this is not something you can do with shoes because there is just no way of knowing how fast their feet will grow.
The winter months are still ahead of us, and extra pair of shoes in the closet is always useful. Opting for comfortable, versatile shoes of good quality means that your children can enjoy the rest of the season with feet that are warm, and comfortable new shoes they will love showing off.

Sunny days that gradually grow longer will become more frequent giving us the opportunity to spend more time outdoors; so whether it’s a walk in the park, an outing in town or the countryside, the important thing is to be prepared. That’s when our kids really need good shoes for all their exciting adventures.

I love taking Ginevra and Carolina for long walks in the countryside, so I chose these comfortable casual shoes, that they can put on all by themselves; we love them because they’re super-trendy and are perfect both at home or for school! With these shoes,I’m confident that their feet will be warm and dry until it’s time to think about summer shoes.


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