24 April 2020

Quarantine is completely changing our lives, forcing us to reorganise times, rhythms and spaces. There are days that seem endless and put our ability to invent new activities to the test, others in which it would take twice as many hours to be able to do everything, combining work, family and time for ourselves.


Time has changed and the way we live within our homes has changed. Communication has changed. We are experimenting with tools to help us connect and continue to be there for each other. The only thing that never changes is the energy that our little ones have, an energy which never ends, fortunately!

That’s why we decided to offer you an activity that could help us all feel closer: four Yoga lessons with Claudia Porta, yoga and meditation teacher, blogger and mother.


Four appointments, every Friday, on our social media channels, Facebook e Instagram, to spend time together, having fun, training our body and mind with simple exercises suitable for all ages. Four different times to help us feel connected, moving together, as we wait until we can get back to our normal daily life.


Lesson 1

Lesson 2

Lesson 3

Lesson 4