Spring-Summer 2022 

Let’s dress up in colour and light with vibrant shades and metallic tones for the total look of the season!


Little girls can choose from sneakers and ballerina shoes in patent leather, glitter and prints, pastel colours and bandana prints are very trendy this year, and the ankle boots that pick up on mum’s fashions and complement a wardrobe of clothing that is always fun, versatile and warm.


For boys, the look remains more urban for footwear and clothing, but as always there is no shortage of classic leather or velour ankle boots and outfits designed for festive days and ceremonies. Naturino’s Spring Summer 2022 collection has lots of new features for the total look for boys and girls this season!


We are proud to present the 4 Naturino worlds, designed to represent the styles and moods of the collections to the fullest.

In Naturino’s GOLD world we have all the most elegant styles, with refined prints and details,


perfect for special occasions, ceremonies, parties or back to school.

In Naturino’s GLAM world we find all those more colourful, lively and fashionable styles, with animal prints, bright materials or fluorescent inserts.


These items are designed for children who like to dress according to the latest fashion trends.

Scandinavian-inspired models in the NORTH segment, with a more minimalist design and soft, natural leathers,


designed for children who love freedom and nature.

  • NATURINO SEE - Fisherman leather sandals - Dark blue

    NATURINO SEE Fisherman leather sandals, Dark blue

    22 colors
  • NATURINO SEE - Semi-closed sandal - Fuchsia

    NATURINO SEE Semi-closed sandal, Fuchsia

    22 colors
  • NATURINO SEE - Leather fisherman shoes - Yellow

    NATURINO SEE Leather fisherman shoes, Yellow

    22 colors
  • NATURINO SEE - Leather fishernman sandals - Red

    NATURINO SEE Leather fishernman sandals, Red

    22 colors

And lastly, the ACTIVE segment brings together all the athletic and sporty moods,


with iconic sneakers and special collaborations, for children full of energy. 

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